Makofsky Inspection Services is a full service inspection company providing residential and commercial building inspections. Our inspector has performed thousands of inspections of   properties throughout Metropolitan New Orleans and the surrounding areas. We are licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors and our inspection procedures follow and exceed state guidelines. 

  We have a licensed engineer on staff, should problems arise during an inspection that require consultation or further evaluation.  We have assembled a staff of other licensed professionals, that can assist us during inspections of large commercial buildings including an electrician, master plumber,
mechanical contractor, shoring contractor and roofing contractor. All of our independent subcontractors are licensed and insured. 

  We can arrange wood destroying insect inspections by an independent state licensed pest control contractor at the same time as our inspection. We recommend that these inspections be performed in conjunction with all pre-purchase home inspections as a large percentage of structures in our inspection area have had, presently have, or will have termite or other wood destroying insect infestations. State law does not allow us to address damaged areas properly if a licensed pest control inspector is not present!

  We specialize in complete inspections, but we will also perform partial inspections down to one-component inspections, such as a roof inspection.

  Construction monitoring and consultation are available upon request.

  We carry both professional errors and omissions and general liability insurance. Proof of insurance certificates are available to all clients.


"For your protection get a Makofsky Inspection"